Tuesday 19 December 2023

Fahmi Fadzil, should listen to Anwar Ibrahim

HOW does one define a mad man? Well the popular definition of a mad man in the internet is a wrongly attributed quote to Albert Einstein  ; Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results.

OUR current Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim had enough wisdom to see that the days of the Government having a golden share, was nothing more, than to put it crudely a cock stand. READ : Back in 2014, Anwar Ibrahim lambasted Putrajaya that having a Golden share in Bernas was not going to benefit paddy farmers nor the masses.

NEARLY nine years have passed, with Anwar Ibrahim being proven correct on the Bernas Golden Share claim.

HAVING the Golden Share in itself couldn't prevent this year's rice crisis nor did it help Malaysian Paddy farmers earn even HALF the amount a foreign blue collar worker can afford to take home in wages alone. READ : National Audit reveals a national shame that nearly 25 per cent of paddy farmers earn less than RM600.

HAVING seen the golden share in the BERNAS experiment, ending as a colossal failure,  it is now very amusing for us to witness Fahmi Fadzil's latest ill fated misadventure. READ: Govt to retain special share in DNB after put option to sell entire stake to MNOs, says Fahmi, with prospects of better profits for commercial interest.

AS it is the commercial interest here, the MNO's are already charging Malaysian users READ :rates that are much more expensive than that of Thailand or even poverty stricken Cambodia.

THE Minister's job is to ensure affordability for the Rakyat and not pander to increasing the wealth of the rich old boys club which includes the likes of billionaires such as Ananda Krishnan, Francis Yeoh and Vincent Tan.

ONE way to ensure a fair shake for consumers,  is to allow the mobile virtual network operators such as Tune Talk to also have a stake too in Digital Nasional Bhd.

FAHMI Fadzil's role as the communications Minister is to make Anwar Ibrahim look good in the eyes of the masses and NOT to pit him against the likes of READ : Muhyiddin Yassin and Ismail Sabri in popularity contest with the Prime Minister having his arms bounded.

UNFORTUNATELY,  despite being a successful politician, the failed B GRADE actor, seems to be hell bent in denting Anwar Ibrahim's personal popularity with the masses due to the communication Minister's freakish control obsessed actions .

CALL it that, or call it the anxiety separation syndrome, either way, Fahmi Fadzil looks to be on the road of full filling Khairy Jamaluddin's hints that VIEW : Fahmi Fadzil itu adalah menteri GAGAL.

GAGAL is what you get when one attempts to READ : place government representatives in the media council, while the likes of the Bar Council are allowed to oversee their own business without any government representatives.