Wednesday 13 December 2023

I said it, the PM did it

UNDER pressure Fahmi Fadzil,  has just announced that Jabatan Komunikasi Komuniti (J Kom)   READ : will be transferred to the new communication ministry from the Prime Minister's Department.

YESTERDAY,  I had already told you guys that READ: such a move will take place sooner rather than latter.

BERSATU members will be delighted that a failure and lightweight like Fahmi Fadzil  has now been put in charge of J Kom.

WAN Ahmad Fayhsal of Bersatu literally mocked Fahmi Fadzil as a toxic failure by stating READ: that Fahmi Fadzil failed to manage the digital propaganda of the Unity Government.

CAN Fahmi Fadzil turn around the corner? WELL, let's allow Father time to be a judge instead of passing judgement instead.