Wednesday 13 December 2023

The Pirates Of Bursa Malaysia : Persona Non Grata

PERSONA non grata is the latin word for an unacceptable or an unwelcomed person. To put it crudely in street lingo, it basically means to be treated as a genuine full blown PARIAH.

A PARIAH is what the Corporate Mafia has become under the good  governance and morale compass ethos being preached by the current administration. 

IN a nutshell, even their former friends such as Khairy Jamaluddin are being slowly shunned by the political elite. 

THE  latest bodily blow for the Corporate Mafia, comes from the Middle Kingdom, a term reffered exclusively for China.

BYD Co Ltd, READ :in which the China Government is the single largest shareholder, is the latest entity, which seems to have decided enough is enough.  READ: CSH Alliance Bhd says its MOU with BYD on EV cars hasn't progressed since March 2022.

CSH Alliance is a proxy entity closely linked to the Corporate Mafia. Among its former registered dominant substantial shareholders are Lim Kok Han, Chan Swee Ying and MMAG Holdings Bhd.