Sunday 17 December 2023

Is the DAP trying to destabilise the Federal Government?

IF you ask me? The anwser is definitely a resounding YES, but why they are doing so, considering Anwar Ibrahim has finally stabilised the Federal Government, is beyond me.

CONSIDER the following, fresh from the so called retired politician Lim Kit Siang's poser on who can be the Prime Minister of Malaysia. READ : Kit Siang's statement on non-Malay PM can harm racial harmony, claims Takiyuddin, we have another below the belt poser from the DAP.

THIS time around , Tan Kok Wai, the DAP's FT head is calling for local elections in the capital city. READ:Kok Wai cadang pilihan raya PBT dimulakan di Kuala Lumpur.

BESIDES having moronic facial features, Tan Kok Wai's  out of the blue demand is likely to increase the political temperature and pressure on UMNO to react.

WHO benefits from this? Certainly not the Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim.