Monday 25 December 2023

Daim Yang Terdiam!

DAIM Zainuddin's options are actually very minimal, hence talks that the billionaire can engineer a stock market crash is just hot air.

IS Daim Zainuddin still a dangerous man who can cause mayhem in Malaysia? 

LET me put it in context. Daim Zainuddin is as leathal today, as Muhammad Ali was when he stepped in the ring with Larry Holmes, in a fight, best described by READ : Sylvester Stallone that it was like watching an autopsy on a man (referring to Ali) who's still alive.

THAT being said, the reality on the ground is Daim Zainuddin only has a boxers punch left in him, to get out of this mess created by not knowing when to walk away 

MANY would be  glued on what are the CASES that are bound to come out, from this expedition, which one can no longer describe as a fishing expedition but rather more appropriately as a seize and capture exercise.

AS such, the current precision based exercise is unlike the one in READ: 2015, when even Daim Zainuddin was more than happy to have a fishing MACC probe to carried out on him.

THOSE who love fishing can vouch,  angler don't always get to choose the type of fish that end up at the pole of their rod,  unlike a seize and capture exercise, where one knows exactly what one is looking for and where to find it.

BEFORE, i eloborate on the files being looked at, let me just say point out two little tiny details here,the first concerning  Daim Zainuddin and Tun Mahathir being the brains behinds the rise of the likes Halim Saad and Tajuddin Ramli .

DAIM Zainuddin actually ripped of the entire structure on how to do it from MCA and for good measure the guy who was instrumental in setting up the structure READ ; Tan Koon Swan ended up being jailed in Singapore

WHY, are those claims IDIOTIC?  Well the going rate for a single elected representative to even destabilise  a state government 14 YEARS AGO, that being in  2009, was READ : reportedly RM25 million, and that too in the not so up market Perak.

 NOW , let's just for argument sake say Perikatan Nasional actually still have the support of all it's 74 members of Parliament including the Muar MP, they will still need the support of another 38 members of Parliament to reach the 112 mark 

GOING by the 2009 benchmark, you will need  RM950 million on the table before you are even allowed to sit on the table to destabilise the Government.

OUR members of Parliament aren't stupid, nobody was going to go to jail in 2009, if the Perak state Government did not fall, but we all know that many people today cannot say the same as long as Anwar Ibrahim is the Prime Minister.

NOW coming back to the weakest links in Daim's armory. They are as follows,though not necessarily structured in the order of importance 

4. LAST but not least, would be to determine if during the banking mergers more than two decades ago, were the owners threatened and intimidated, as well as as how companies linked to Ms Naimah Abdul Khalid such as Muhibbah Engineering and Syarikat Permodalan Kebangsaan Bhd were generous recipient of government contracts and Ms Josephine Premla Suvaretnam hand in managing Daim Zainuddin's banking empire