Saturday 23 December 2023

Gagal Merancang, Merancang Kegagalan, Kalau Bukan Fahmi Fadzil, siapa lagi , Malaysia!!!

ON last count, the illegal online gambling business in Malaysia, had grown at a record  neck breaking pace,shaming  COVID 19 of it's reputation of slowing down business.

IN absolute terms the numbers are criminally shocking ,  steading ata RM9  billion base, only to jump to RM15 billion a year, and growing at a level best described as INSANELY JAW DROPPING , or RM3 billion a year.

THE rate of 30 per cent on gaming tax which resulted in the loss above  points to the under ground businesss growing to RM15 billion from RM9 billion or an average increase of RM3 billion a year. 

TRAGICALLY, numbers you are reading might not even qualify to be ball mark estimates. READ : Experts say, at ground zero the illegal gaming business is ten size larger than official estimates.

BY merely sticking with the official estimates, this is what RM 15 billion can do for Malaysia. RM 15 billion can fund construction of 156 schools a year, provide RM100,000 a year as scholarships 150,000, and refurbish many a police quarters.

iNSTEAD of looking at ways to generate income in a legal manner, we have a minister who believes VIEWhe is a success, there fore those who say he is a Menteri gagal are actually envious of him.

ENVIOUS, my left foot. None of Fahmi Fadzil's reign in MCMC in it's so called SERIOUS and HONEST effort to clamp down on illegal gaming , and laundering has come to even match s  small fraction of READ: the RM10 billion asset clamp down by the Singapore Government.

BY blocking some the sites, and raiding some  worn out  office, what do we achieve? Locking up non hardcore criminals , we are merely expo them to hardcore criminals.

KINGPINS who  own and manage some of these these illegal entities, one expects will be hoping that their lucky streak in having a talented person like Fahmi Fadzil in charge, equals to let the good times roll