Friday 15 December 2023

Is Murray Hunter afraid of the Thailand Government?

IF you ask me, my anwser will be YES, that this Australian guy who no longer works at University Malaysia Perlis, is indeed afraid of the Thailand, Government. 

CONSIDER, the following ; Murray Hunter sat silently as a church mouse would do when READ : when Thailand asked its citizens to take a fourth covid booster shot, but when the Malaysian health minister suggested the same thing, READ : the minister has no credibility

WHY is Murray Hunter who lives in Hat Yai, Thailand, writing so much about Malaysia where does not reside in, then about Thailand, where he is in his own words is domiciled?

THE last he wrote about Thailand was on VIEW : September 2023, but the guy seems to have a lot of things to write about, when it comes to Malaysia, even about the Raja Raja Melayu.

IF Murray Hunter does indeed have testicles, he should try writing about the Thai royalties instead, since he is living there and not in Malaysia.

BUT one thing, which Murray Hunter wrote on Thailand, which caught my eye was READ: A very well known politician in Perlis cultivates nearly 100 acres of ketum.

SO who is this very well known politician from Perlis? Is he the same guy who got the Bersatu loving Murray Hunter the job in Universiti Malaysia Perlis?

WE will never know, until Murray Hunter decides to reveal to his fan base the sordid details.