Sunday 10 December 2023

The Anwar Ibrahim's show starts right now.

BACK in November 11 2023,  i had written that those who want to write off Anwar Ibrahim, should atleast READ :wait until the month of December 2023, before they write him off as a reformer who is not going to rejig Malaysia.

WELL, December is here, and Malaysia incoming king, the Sultan of Johor, has already laid out the foundation on the reforms that must take place. READ: Sultan of Johor suggest judicial appointments be independent from political influences.

I am sure over the next few days, the Prime Minister will be grilled on this matter, and I am convinced that Anwar Ibrahim, himself a victim of a biased judiciary decades ago, has a plan of action on this matter.

ELSEWHERE, Ahirudin Attan,  president of the National Press Club, a media figure who is known to be close to the Prime Minister states READ : Anwar Ibrahim is heeding the call to dismantle Bernas as well as to kill off inefficiency, wastages, corruption and nepotism.

MALAYSIANS will be able to see the fruits of Anwar Ibrahim's labour, when Rafizi Ramli gets to unveil very soon READ : his twice delayed proposal to minimise the Approved Permit and Monopoly business in Malaysia.