Sunday 17 December 2023

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia ; Hydra and The Red Notice Interpol had to cancel!!!

IN Greek mythology the Hydra was a poisonous, many-headed serpent with frustratingly effective powers of regeneration – cut off one of its heads and two would grow in its place.

TAKE the Mandarin speaking Russell Walter Boyd for instance, two of the guy's major deals with Hong Seng Consolidated,  has ended up with merely pushing the stock price of the company up and one of his partner's name featuring prominently in a court case of attempting to bribe a senior Government official. READ: Hong Seng Consolidated to acquire Russell Walter Boyd's Pow Pocket for RM200 million.

PRESENT at the signing ceremony was Pow Pocket Sdn Bhd senior advisor Kuhan Arunasalam. 

NEEDLESS to say, the announcement of the deal, which reportedly would bring in RM400 million in profits for Hong Seng inside 12 months of everything being finalised, helped drive Hong Seng Consolidated Bhd shares from 40 sen a share level to peak at RM3.47 by November 2021. 

TODAY, Hong Seng shares trade at a sorry 2 sen a share , but that didn't stop Russell Walter Boyd from making another guest appearance before the shit hit the fan. READ : Introducing the QRlab deal, affiliated with Affinity ID Network Pte. Ltd (Affinidi), which quickly drew a rebuke from Singapore's Temasek.

SO why the interest in Russell Walter Boyd at this point of time? Well it all has to do with him being the CEO of Sarawak Cable and  the emergence of a certain Mr Rafat Ali Rizvi, as the guy behind Serendib Capital Ltd. READ : Serendib Capital incorporated in the UK for RM600 emerges as white Knight for Sarawak Cable.

IF you don't know who, Rafat Ali Rizvi is, well here is what Google has to say READ:The year is 2015, and Interpol cancels the Red Notice placed by the Indonesian Government on Rafat Ali Rizvi.