Saturday 2 December 2023

Halwa Telinga Perikatan Nasional

AHMAD Samsuri Mokhtar,  the Terengganu Menteri Besar's sudden appearance, as a supposedly competent Prime Minister in waiting. merely is a Halwa Telinga  to fire up the masses,  and keep many bruised egos away from prying eyes. 

FOR starters, Ahmad Samsuri Mokthar's name only emerged as Perikatan Nasional's choice for the Prime Minister, so Dr Mahathir can still keep his head high despite not being selected by PAS to be the candidate in Kemamam.

AHMAD Samsuri Mokhtar's tenure as Menteri  Besar has been a downright failure, which even the yearly RM2 billion from the Federal Government, cannot rectify. 

CONSIDER the following, Terengganu is still among the poorest states in Malaysia, and the only number one position held by the state under Ahmad Samsuri Mokthar's watch is READ : Having the largest number of drug addicts in Malaysia.

DESPITE having some of the most natural beaches in the planet, with colorful coral gardens and diverse marine life, such as whale sharks, bumphead parrotfish, turtles, yellowtail fusilier, Ahmad Samsuri Mokthar has failed to develop high end tourism in the state. READ :What Terengganu could be, but what it has become.

THE only thing which has been consistent with Ahmad Samsuri Mokthar running of Terengganu has been questionable land deals.