Monday 4 December 2023

The Pirates Of Bursa Malaysia : Revenue Group Bhd's Danger Zone.

REVENUE Group Bhd's share price WILL drop by 52.63 percent  to trade at TEN SEN  per share on or by the start of FEB 2024,  an artificial intelligence designed to correctly predict stock movements, has concluded.

INTERESTINGLY, more than a month ago, the same machine which monitors  Revenue Group, specifically on every 15 minutes of the trading day, had CORRECTLY predicted that Revenue Grouo Bhd's shares will trade at 18.5 sen, YESTERDAY.

dire warning on the loss making REVENUE Group Bhd's  upcoming doom,  comes at a time, the once feared and loathed, CORPORATE MAFIA has fallen from grace and are on the curps of being purged by the Anwar Ibrahim  administration .

MEET VIEW :, the share price forecast entity based on machine learning algorithms, which has a dire RED FLAG WARNING  on Revenue Group Bhd's next three month future.

SHOULD we take seriously? Well according to WalletInvestor’s website, the site's portfolio has returned 141 per cent since early 2021. 

THE premium version of VIEW : has a 71.81 per cent accuracy level as at October 2023 , should help keep the debate alive on the possibilities of machine learning intelligence or even language learning models like ChatGPT are about READ : to take fund managers to the clearners.