Thursday 14 December 2023

Fahmi Fadzil is under pressure for being the weakest link in Anwar Ibrahim's Government.

IN a landmark rulling on August 2023, the Court of Appeals ruled that READ : Online gambling is an offence in Peninsular Malaysia under the Common Gaming Houses Act 1953.

HAVING identified READ :the real brains behind the RM1 billion scam before anybody else, i believe it is time to reveal the role of a certain Mr Lim in online gaming in West Malaysia. VIEW: MCMC harus di revamp, beemula dengan chairman MCMC.

SO should Mohamad Salim Fateh be removed as the MCMC Chairman?  My personal thoughts are, replacing Mohamad Salim Fateh is not going to do the trick to kill off online gaming, but rather MCMC should be placed under the control of Gobind Singh, a minister whoes integrity is UNBLEMISHED. READ : Gobind Singh brought in to shoulder Fahmi Fadzil's task in the newly minted Digital Ministry.

FAHMI Fadzil  is currently considered damaged goods, and needs to prove himself worthy of being the official Press Secretary of the Unity Government. 

INCIDENTS such as READ : the bloody moron saga is the clearest indication thus far that the opposition block has identified Fahmi Fadzil as the weakest link in the Unity Government.  VIEW :MCMC under Fahmi Fadzil has the worst draconian track record.