Thursday 14 December 2023

If Bernas can't get the job done....

IT is what it is, no matter what type of lense we choose to use. The fact is the numbers do not lie, but they merely state the tragedy that is taking place at ground zero.

THOSE numbers from the Auditors Report are an accurate reflection of what's happening in Malaysia, due to decades of neglect when it comes to the welfare of paddy farmers.

BASICALLY, our local paddy farmers are being cursed with a take home pay that is 60 per cent less in Ringgit terms and much more in absolute terms than foreign labour.  

THIS should not be allowed to continue, and shockingly according to SCOOP,  READ : BERNAS may actually owe paddy farmers hundreds of millions of Ringgit in back dated profit payments.

PERTUBUHAN Persaudaraan Pesawah Malaysia (PeSAWAH)'s Abdul Rashid Yob claims BERNAS was supposed to pay ten per cent of its profits from importing rice to paddy farmers and such payments were supposed to have taken place since 2014 .

SUPPOSED to have paid, and have paid are two different matters. If Syed Mokthar can afford to donate READ: RM195 million to Bersatu, the political party, what is indeed stopping the business men READ :who walloped a RM670.2 million in dividend in 2020 from Bernas for himselffrom doing the right thing?