Thursday 7 December 2023

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia : PAS Unholy Trinity With the Ooi Chieng Sim/Tedy Teow Group, the Corporate Mafia, and the foreign backed KENNETH VUN YUN LIUN group

ON November 26, 2023, I had asked a simple question, which in the days to come,  Law Enforcement should be asking PAS , and its three organised ethnic Chinese friends.

THE modus operandi of all three organised Group's are almost the same. 

ACE manipulator Kenneth Vun Yun Liun who is still under tax evasion probe via his known partner the MACC fugitive  Justin Lim Hwa Tat READ : Melaka United Football Club, while his other partner in XOX Bhd controls the football team in Perak.

THE Ooi Chieng Sim/ Tedy Teow group has an indirect toehold in the Kedah state team via Khor Eng Chuen's ECK Group, which reportedly had plans to READ to build the PAS planned Kulim International Airport .

THE Ooi Chieng Sim/ Tedy Teow group is believed to have links with Alan Goh of My Airline, which READ : Muhyiddin Yassin despite not being accused of anything strongly denied that he had ties to the group.

WE,  shall then just place the following as mere coincidence.  READ : Ahmad Faizal Azumu's Perak State signs with ECK Group for massive housing project in the state.

INVESTGATIVE site The Corporate Secrets.Com  meanwhile states that READ :The Tedy Teow group has a working relationship with the Corporate Mafia

WHAT is troubling with the ECK Group is that  it has business ties with the still under detention notorious drug lord Ooi Chieng Sim as well as with his partner.

OOI Chieng Sim, while still holding the chairmanship of Atta Global Bhd and Heng Huat Resources Group Bhd READ : was detained by a specialised police unit in one of the country's biggest drug bust and subsequently charged in court

THE Edge Weekly, subsequently reported that the narco kingpin, READ : might possibly be linked to the China detained fraudster Tedy Teow.

DO note, that in 2018, the then Ooi Chieng Sim controlled Atta Global READ : acquired some of Khor Eng Chuen for RM15 million.

THE ties however do not end there  but leads back to the Kulim International Airport project, where READ : The Eck Group ties up with Ivory Properties Group Bhd to build residential housing as part of the Kulim International Airport masterplan.

HNG Choon Seng, the dominant shareholder in Heng Huat Resources Group, a now masqueraded vehicle of   Ooi Chieng Sim READ : was a substantial shareholder of Ivory Properties right up to October 2022.

THE other partner in Heng Huat Resources Group meanwhile is Goh Boon Leong. READ : Selangor Royal Court says it never issued any Datukship offer letter to Goh Boon Leong.

DATUK or not, Heng Huat Resources Group  has a very strong presence in Kulim, Kedah. READ : Heng Huat in multi million Kulim Development project