Monday 18 December 2023

Fahmi Fadzil lawan Annuar Musa

BEFORE this turns out to become an Anwar Ibrahim versus Muhyiddin Yassin or Ismail Sabri battle, it is best for the Prime Minister to step in an reign in the shoot in your own foot Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil

I had taken it with a huge pinch of salt when Khairy Jamaluddin said  VIEW :Fahmi Fadzil Menteri GAGAL and even was willing to give the failed B grade actor the benefit of the doubt when one of his biggest supporter on Twitter said READ: blaming Fahmi Fadzil for undue censorship is justified.. 

WELL that was until I stumbled upon the following piece of news, which totally changed my view of Fahmi Fadzil as an effective communications practitioner.  

HUMOROUSLY,  the failed B grade actor was actually very proud in shooting off his own foot and along with that, the Prime Minister's persona as a patient and moderate free speech loving reformist down the toilet bowl. READ: Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil proudly produces data to show that 7,502 non scam sites were blocked his watch as opposed to 704 non scam sites blocked under Annuar Musa's watch.

THIS folks is more than ONE THOUSAND  PERCENT (seribu peratus) or ten times more non scam sites blocked under Fahmi Fadzil's watch  from the time of Annuar Musa, the supposedly conservative in our daily political conversation.

WITH, people like Fahmi Fadzil on the loose, I gather Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim doesn't need to worry about political opponents sabotaging him, as his own communication chief is EVER ready and willing  to do all the do nots of effective communication .