Sunday 24 December 2023

PAS Lawan Zakir Naik

PARTI Islam Se-Malaysia; Jawi: ڤرتي إسلام سمليسيا) or its Jawi-based acronym PAS, it's seems have taken up the Zakir Naik challenge.

THE islamic party which claims to be the majority voice of the Malsy Muslim population , has basically caused severe damage to Zakir Naik' attempt to have some say in the politics of this country.

A country, which under different Prime Minister, had said the same thing, ; nobody is thrilled or pleased to have that Indian national in our back yard.

FOUR days ago, Zakir Naik had attempted to make a mole hill issue look like too high a mountain. VIEW : Zakir Naik neither born, not bred in Malaysia has a no wishing merry Christmas rulling.

THE reaction from PAS is ultimately an acceptance from the Islamic party , to even be a candidate to drive Malaysia forward, we don't need to like or agree with every one, but we have to carry every one on our backs, if an, outsider thinks he can boss us around.

HELLO, Zakir Naik, the next time you go out and if you feel like people are looking at you and whispering or wanting to put you on Tik Tok, take it from me, a Malaysian , we are looking and whispering ; Oh my God , that's the Guy lah who kena kao kao from PAS