Tuesday 26 December 2023

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia : August 2021

DID something sinister happen on August 2021, a month which so many things came to a climax. In one go?

OF course, something strange did take place and I am not talking about the record deaths related to Covid which peaked on August 2021, or about Muhyiddin Yassin forced to quit as Prime Minister.

BEFORE,  I elaborate, let me just put this for the record, that I have known this for a long time now, but had held it back for READ ; Francis Leong Seng Wui to quit as executive director of Green Packet Bhd..

HERE is a time line of the important dates on August 2021.

AUGUST 21 2021 (SATURDAY) , READ : Ismail Sabri sworn in as the Prime Minister.

AUGUST 30 2021, READ : Ismail Sabri's cabinet to be sworn in.

ON August 25 2021, we didn't have a cabinet nor a Finance Minister, so what was the hurry to give this license speedily to Green Packet Bhd?

I dont believe this is the work of Ismail Sabri, but there are other hidden hands ; the type of people who would require an airline and an off shore bank, as an insurance that funds can be made available if and when there is a need to destabilise the federal government.

NOW we all know, that the My Airlines folks READ : were interviewed extensively by the Royal Malaysia Police.

IF Francis Leong Seng Wui thinks that he could wait a few months after disposing his stake in Green Packet Bhd, and then safely engineer an announcement that Green Packet wants to now sell  READ: it's Labuan Offshore Investment Bank to CSH Alliance Bhd, in which recently Victor Chin Boon Long's wife sold off her stake, to enable a new name to come in as the major shareholder of CSH Alliance, then he is DUMBER, than we know off.

IT is not the new shareholder of CSH Alliance that is of interest to us, but the shareholder, prior to Victor Chin Boon Long's wife, the former executive chairman of CSH Alliance, Wan Khalik Wan Muhammad is of interest.

THE same names appearing and reappearing, a co incidence or and an oiled machinery with mischieves on their mind?

WHY take the risk to find out? when the more sensible solution will be to cancel the off shore banking license given to Green Packet Bhd, as well as restart a much more in-depth investigation on Francis Leong Seng Wui as well as the emergence of READ : RM62 million came into Revenue Group in a manner that makes no economic sence