Friday 22 December 2023

SIm Simmer Who Got The Keys To Malaysia's Christmas Beemer ?

SIM Simmer a 22 year old song is absolutely rulling Tik Tok with the reggae poservon  who got the keys to the beemer.

THERE is one man in Malaysia who can actually give Malaysia , especially the male side of this country a gift for 2024 by curbing the foreign work force treating our country as easy prey for them.

FROM giving the local male population a run for their money for the attention from the women folk, as well as taking local jobs and then branching into  business in a country that is not their own.

STEVEN Sim can put a stop to all these nonsense  by revisiting a plan by the first PH Government to cut some 20 per cent of the foreign labour salary for a provident type fund for them.

STEVEN Sim should not buy in into providing a direct EPF contribution route for the foreign labour, rather set up a specific provident fund scheme with a much lower dividend yield.

ALSO, its time to prohibit foreign labour braching into business or getting married with locals. Those who want to do so, should, I suggest be forced to leave Malaysia for a period of two years, and when they come back, they must put in place a RM200,000 bond, with the funds, pocessing  a trail to their country of origin.

STEVEN Sim, slam dunk it for Malaysia lah, after the past two ethnic Indian ministers in charge of the ministry, had let this NATION DOWN.