Tuesday 28 February 2023

Agus Yusoff, the J Kom director : Going Down the Road Feeling Bad

is an American folk song, which was first recorded in 1923 by Henry Whitter, the first country singer,who sold a million records.

ANWAR Ibrahim has two big problems.  Problem number
 one is what Abdul Hadi Awang is telling Anwar Ibrahim to his face. READ : Kalau jatuh lagi jangan salahkan kami – Hadi Awang.

DOES Hadi mean that Anwar Ibrahim's Government  will fall this month? NO, what he most likely ment was that Anwar Ibrahim will most likely self destruct sometime between May 2023 and August 2023.

ANWAR Ibrahim  has only himself to blame, and his communication point men Agus Yusoff, when it comes to PR is basically an IDIOT.

Going Down The Road Feeling Bad
Going Down The Road Feeling Bad
Going Down The Road Feeling Bad
Hey hey hey yeah.

HOW big an idiot is Agus Yusoff in PR terms ? Well as big as they come.  The guy does not even know the first rule of the PR rule book : The PR guy should never become the centre of attraction.  

AND here we have Agus doing just that READ : Agus: Jangan kaitkan isu royalti minyak dengan sentimen kaum