Saturday 18 February 2023

Malaysian Employers Federation : Semua Bangsat Bercanda.

is actually a parody of an English song titled Everything Sucks by Vaultboy, it was his debut single back in 2022. The Malay version is by Fanirahmansyah.

THE Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF), established 2 years after we gained independence, now have a membership that employs some 2.1 million Malaysians.

THAT is the respectable side of the federation, which in recent days, are begining to show a very dysfunctional behavioural pattern.

Semua bangsat
Semua baik, tak juga
Gua benci inget ...

THE Federation is as dysfunctional as Rafizi Ramli, who claims that he has a plan to help boost the B40 income without a supplement from the EPF. 

RAFIZI Ramli has no such plan that is workable, I can tell you off hand, as he is merely rehashing his previous claims on job creation. READ : FLASHBACK 2019 : Rafizi Ramli to create job platform with 25,000 job opportunities.

THE MEF, says today that the number of Malaysian that could lose their jobs this year, will spike by 100 per cent to 60,000 bread winners, as the economy is expected to slowdown, while consumer spending too is poised to cool down.

ALL this against a backdrop, of real income per capita, still way below, the pre pandemic level, according to the World Bank, while the economy it self is READ :is four years behind, other neighbouring economies in South East Asia.

OBVIOUSLY, Anwar Ibrahim's rosy picture that the Fitch BBB+ rating READ ; reflects the strength of the Malaysian economy is nothing more than a rosy picture.

THE MEF statements, makes no sense. Granted if the economy is doing well and wages are back to above pandemic level, then point accepted that there is no need for a withdrawal.  

BUT now the Federation says that we may be entering a very dangerous period where job losses will spike at a rate of 100 per cent.