Friday 10 February 2023

Anwar Ibrahim, on the US ambassador appointment,. stop being a : Munafik!!!

is a song from one of Dangdut's current crop of trending stars, Ziva Magnolya.The song is from her album Magnolya, which was released in 2022.

NEVER have I seen , a Malaysian Prime Minister who keeps bullshitting the public, and gets away with it, like Anwar Ibrahim. READ : Pelantikan Nazri tidak boleh dibatalkan sekarang.

Akankah terjadi?
Tapi munafik kumenunggu tak tentu
Bila tak kunjung datang kepastian tentang waktu
Kumenunggu harimu tak ragu
Yakinkan diriku, kita tak sekedar buang waktu.

HERE is my three questions to the Prime Minister. You said tidak boleh dibatalkan SEKARANG. Then when can you do it?, Cut your bullshit and spell out the time frame.

ARE you admitting now, that you are a spineless weak leader, not even having the strength of Ismail Sabri to un do a wrong appointment?  READ : Putrajaya has a change of heart and drops Tajuddin Abdul Rahman as Ambassador to Indonesia.

WITH this in mind, are you also admitting, that unlike Ismail Sabri, you will not listen to the people's opinion, but rather do as you want, because as Prime Minister, you have the power to do so.

IF , this is indeed the case then, you just sit back and watch , how all your power will turn into powder once the Selangor state elections are done with.

APART from DAP and one or two Amanah seats, most of the PKR Malay majority seats in Selangor, will be lost to Perikatan Nasional due to your arrogance and bull shitting  attitude.