Thursday 16 February 2023

Anwar Ibrahim , dengar lagu ni : Syair Cak Pong

is a song made popular by the 1980's singing star, N.D Lala, who made his name singing traditional Malay songs, in the way, that it should be sung.

SOME people, have accused me of being anti Anwar Ibrahim. My response is as follows, I am anti nobody and pro only Tanah Tumpah Darahku, Malaysia.

TAKE for instance, Anwar Ibrahim's melodrama that Malaysian agents are charging entry level Bangladeshi's RM20,000 and that this is akin to modern slavery.

WHY will a sitting Prime Minister degrade, his own country without telling the full story. READ : Bangladeshi's who want to work in Singapore have to pay agents RM34,000 to earn an entry level wage of less than RM1600 a month in the Island state.

Kera di hutan disusukan
Anak di rumah mati tak makan
Ade ke patut?
Ape diberi kera tu makan
Anaklah kita sudahlah mati
Takkan kera tu nak buat ganti
Dah tua nanti kita tak larat

YES, citizens of Malaysia, entry level Bangladeshi's are being paid less than RM1600 a month in first world Singapore,  while here in third world Malaysia we are spoon fooding them a salary of RM1500, with lodging and transport provided.

WORST still the minimum wage for fresh Malaysian with a school leaving cert is the same as a fresh Bangladeshi with no formal education.

BOTH, will receive a salary of RM1500, but the Malaysian will have to pay for his lodging and transport to and fro work. IF you, think this is fair, and the Prime Minister is okay with it, then you are spot on, I'm 100 per cent against anyone who gives a Malaysian a raw deal in our own land.