Wednesday 15 February 2023

Ismail Sabri : Why Don't You Come Back

was first released in 1981, by the guy who wrote the song, Jack Lee, but with no success. It was only in 1983, when it was re recorded by Paul Young, did become a global hit.

COMPARED, to Anwar Ibrahim, Ismail Sabri is nothing, as he doesn't have the charisma, nor is he into fooling the voters  with empty meaningless rethorics.

Don't wait any longer
Come back
Why don't you come back? 
Why don't you come back? 

ISMAIL Sabri's biggest contribution to Malaysia was his attempt to abolish the AP business. READ : No more AP to import food, says PM Ismail Sabri.

WHEN Ismail Sabri started the ball rolling, to abolish the AP business in Malaysia, he was mocked and taunted by the DAP. READ : Do away with APs for all imports, says DAP.

TODAY, the DAP is in power, and it's man, Anwar Ibrahim is the Prime Minister yet zero effort is being done to abolish the AP business, rather they have even started to reimpose APs on food stuff such as bringing eggs from India.

ANWAR Ibrahim is merely hoodwinking Malaysians on targeted subsidies, as his Government is actually 100 per cent responsible for an artificial increase in cost by encouraging the AP business instead of abolishing it. At the end of the day, these targetted subsidies translate into gauranteed profits for the Prime Minister's new found friends.