Thursday 9 February 2023

Anwar Ibrahim : Harapkan Kekasih Kekasih Pula Menyisih.

is a single recorded more than a decade ago by Amir , the former lead singer of the rock group Analisa and the the more popular Ukays.

10 months after pressuring Ismail Sabri ahead of the Johor state election. READ : Anwar Focuses On EPF Withdrawals In Johor Election Campaign.

Kepadamu oh wahai tuan puteri
Walaupun aku bertepuk sendiri
Habis semua bahasa indah merayumu
Tak sepatah bahasa yang lembutkanmu.

WHAT has changed during the ten months that Anwar Ibrahim has chosen to make life miserable for those who enough in EPF to withdraw.

HAVE the prices of vegetables, chicken and other food stuff come down. Is the economy growing faster in 2023 than 2022? READ : Malaysia's economy will grow 58 per cent slower in 2023 than 2022.

THE Prime Minister says READ : Another EPF withdrawal will impact many post-retirement, says Anwar. The Prime Minister said : “If we allow more withdrawals when the people only have RM5,000 or RM10,000 left in their savings, what will happen when they retire (for example) in four years from now?”

LAST, year too , there were plenty of people with less than 10,000 in their EPF kitty. Yet Anwar Ibrahim pressured Ismail Sabri...  What is the difference of having 10,000 ringgit EPF saving last year than having the same amount this year .

THE Prime Minister, is not only making life difficult for EPF holders who have more than 50,000, but also life difficult for Zahid Hamidi, who will now look like wolf in sheep skin , as well as for PKR in Selangor.

MARK my words, Pakatan Harapan Will lose very badly in Selangor, because Anwar Ibrahim indeed has all the power, but very little commen sence and wisdom.