Sunday 5 February 2023

Anwar Ibrahim itu : Poyo!!!!

is the modest hit from 2020 from Danial Zaini,. Noki and Santesh. The video clip on You Tube, managed to garner just over a quarter million views.

POYO is a Malay slang for an English term, Proud of Your Ownself . Basically ,once you become a POYO you become an arrogant son of a gun.

Main kejar-kejar
Ingat helang terbang tinggi di udara
Lupa diri cuma ayam kampung dalam sangkar
Lu kecik ka? Lu besar ka? Medium ka? Apa ka bro?
Jangan kau poyo.

SO, why am i saying that Anwar Ibrahim has become a POYO? Well, there is mounting public evidence that Anwar Ibrahim has been making decisions without  informing or discussing with the Cabinet.

TAKE for instance the latest statement by senior minister Alexander Nanta Linggi. READ : Minister voices shock at cut in allocation for MPs.

OR how about the time, when Anwar Ibrahim stated READ : Tugas Izzah pastikan tender diurus secara teratur

HELLO, Anwar Ibrahim this Tugas tender Di urus secara atur, does not even come under the jurisdiction of the Finance Ministry or the Finance Minister, rather it falls under the preview of the Economic Planning Unit. VIEW : THE EPU.

DO you know what is the new name of the EPU?  It is called the Ministry of Economy. Do note that, the minister of economy had this to say about the appointment of Nurul Izzah. READ :Rafizi: Govt should not allow nepotism in appointments