Wednesday 8 February 2023

Muhammad Umar Swift : Ada Mata Pandang

is a song from one of Malaysia's truly hard rock group. Led by lead vocalist Nasabandi Jumat, Amuk was active from1998 to 2008.

MUHAMMAD Umar Swift,  is NOT a Malaysian. He earns RM2.7 million a year, as the Chief Executive Officer of Bursa Malaysia. 

Rela jadi tunggul (tunggul)
Rela jadi patung (patung)
Tunggu dilelong
Suruh angguk-angguk (angguk)
Suruh geleng-geleng (geleng)
Oh puji lah aku (aku)
Ampu lah aku (aku)
Senang hidupmu
Ada tangan tadah (tadah)
Ada maruah campak (campak)

MUHAMMAD Umar Swift has done a bad job as the CEO of Bursa Malaysia. Under Muhammad' Bursa Malaysia has been a disgrace.

OVER the past six days, two companies linked to Perikatan Nasional stock market financial contributor have made distrubring announcements.

MEET Kenneth Vun, the ace hidden hands market maker and known financial supporter of Perikatan Nasional. Did  Kenneth Vun raise money for Perikatan Nasiona from the stock marke or did money made by manipulation make its way to finance the Green Wave.

WE, may never know, as one by one these companies are being struck off the stock exchang. Can market manipulation take place over a period of time with out Bursa Malaysia able to pin point the culprit? NO.

THERE is a saying the fish rots from the head , if there is any truth in that saying then surely, the shoe fits and Bursa Malaysia should WEAR IT.