Wednesday 22 February 2023

MITRA : Taken In, Taken For a Ride

is a song from the Genesis off shoot, Mike & The Mechanics taken from their self titiled album which was released in 1995 .

DARK clouds are gathering at Wisma MIC today, as the political party's big boys learn that being part of the unity government, doesn't get you a free pass for anything.


Wrapped around the finger of some fair-weather friend
Caught up in the promises, left out in the end
No pride, taken for a ride
You say I'm the only one when I look in your eyes
I want to believe you but you know how to lie

NO MITRA is not a girl, but Malaysian Indian Transformation Unit. This one has Anwar Ibrahim's  personal attention as the Tamil community are strong supporters of the Prime Minister, and make up 45 per cent of the Parti Keadilan Rakyat rank and file.

THIS time around the heavyweights are expected to be brought down, including the master mind, said to be an ethnic Chinese businessmen.