Thursday 23 February 2023

MACC : We Can't Go On Like This

is the second single from the Rabbit album which was released back in 1977.  The track is from the country super star Eddie Rabbit.

MACC,. We Can't Go On Like This, anymore even though some Malaysians have been cheering you of late, at the end of the day, you are still the same playing to the gallery, playing your politics, and that's hardly becoming of a public servant.

Where's that feeling,
That special feeling,
We're not feeling any more?
We can't go on, living like this,
Just going through the motions

THE statement above came from an influential political backbencher, and then we have the Federal Court stating READ: Siasatan SPRM terhadap hakim kes SRC tak ikut protokol.

OBVIOUSLY, Azam Baki won't resign , so it's best the home minister do the needful and remove him from office because every raid or arrest being made now, might be justified, but then the fear is MACC is only dancing to the tune of its masters.