Monday 13 February 2023

PART 2 : Anwar Ibrahim : Harga Barang Naik

is a song by Ratu Farah Diva, about the price of goods that keep shooting up.

MANY,  people have asked why have I attacked Anwar Ibrahim so ferociously on his announcement that Bangladeshi workers will no longer need to pay RM20,000 in agents fee to enter Malaysia.

berasnya mahal makan rumput
ayam nya mahal makan batu
buat apa aku setia
kalau lompat lagi masyuk
berasnya mahal tak payah makan 
minyak nya mahal tak payah jalan 
mas kawin mahal tak payah kawin

WELL it all has to do with frustration that the Prime Minister has got his priorities wrong. With the exception of Menu Rahmah everything else Anwar Ibrahim has done, has tuned into rotten tomatoes.

LOOK at the price list above, and you will understand why,I keep stating that Anwar Ibrahim is failing the people big time.

PRIORITY should be to solve the Malaysian bred and butter issue.  Something which he has failed to do so and the B40 man is on the brink of a breakdown due to spiralling cost.

 We have a  Prime Minister and a works minister who are  more interested in the housing welfare and the disposalable income of the Bangladeshi man.