Sunday 26 February 2023

Mohammad Agus Yusoff : These Boots Are Made For Walking.

is the evergreen, stand out classic  pop hit from the 1960's by the daughter of the legandary Frank Sinatra, Nancy Sinatra.

THE only reason why Mohammad Agus Yusoff, became the director of J Kom, at the Prime Minister's office is because, he is a bootlicker. READ : Agus proud to be among 70 academics backing Anwar as PM.

NOW AGUS is begging to be given more time so that less than 71 per cent of Malays in West Malaysia will dislike Anwar Ibrahim. READ : Mohammad Agus Yusoff, memerlukan sedikit masa untuk membetulkan persepsi masyarakat serta menyampaikan kepada rakyat segala pencapaian Anwar dan Kerajaan Perpaduan.

You keep lyin' when you ought to be truthin'
You keep losin' when you ought to not bet
You keep samin' when you ought to be a changin'
Now what's right is right, but you ain't been right yet
These boots are made for walkin'
And that's just what they'll do
One of these days, these boots are gonna walk all over you

AGUS,  take all the time you want. You do not have the skill sets. Read on the printed line...these boots are not for lickin, these boots are for walking and these boots are gonna walk all over you.