Saturday 18 February 2023

Anwar Ibrahim : Jangan Gila Dong!!!

is the smash hit from 13 years ago from Lolita Augustine, who became a household name by being in the Islam Kita show, before breaking into the recording sector.

JANG, Gila Dong,  cukup lah Saudara Anwar Ibrahim,  dengan bicara putar belit mu. Kami bukan dangkal . READ :Pengesahan Fitch Ratings cermin keyakinan terhadap kerajaan.

Jangan gila dong
masih banyak yang lainnya
Jangan gila dong
malu sama kucing garong
Jangan gila dong
masih banyak yang berondong

SINCE when a BBB+ rating is a sign of confidence that the nation is heading towards the right direction? 

What does a BBB+  rating mean? It means, we just barely made it into the ok list but if there are any sudden negative turn of events outside of Malaysia, then we are totally screwed.

FOR a prime minister, with no growth plan, this is a government that is in touch with the elite but out of touch with Joe public.

ON the street, we cannot understand, how a government that is ultra kind to the foreign man, such as  the RM 50 million generosity to Turkey, acts cruelly against it's own people.

CRUEL because, as Rafizi Ramli  said READ : I understand that for some families it can help for now.

 WHERE is the help then, no where in sight. This is akin to saying to the drowning B40 man we know you are drowning, so we will come up with a plan latter, and the results will only be known after 1098 days latter.

ANWAR Ibrahim, if you really want to help than kill the single biggest factor that drives cost of phones, cars and even rice up beyond what it would be. KILL the AP business now.

SHOW us the kindness, you have shown the foreign workers. Your  government is happy to insist that foreign workers  must be spoon fed RM1500 as entry level salary, just RM100 more than what Singapore pays them.

WHAT is the cost of living in Singapore? , Anwar Ibrahim? And why don't you explain to Malaysians why SINGAPORE does not have a minimum wage

JANG, Gila Dong, look at Singapore's rating and look at ours. The reason why we are at BBB+ is because our people are being given a raw deal not only from you, but also the ones before you, and all your committee and sub committees to fight inflation, ignores the Approved Permit Scrooge of an Elephant.

SAUDARA Anwar Ibrahim , tak ada beza antara agenda Kerajaan ini dengan pemerintah pemerintah yang lalu.
MADINI Malaysia cuma halwa buat telinga. Kami tetap dianaktirikan, agar sekelopmok kecil dari golongan kayangan boleh mengaut keuntungan dengan hanya sekeping kertas putih  :  Approved Permit.