Tuesday 14 February 2023

Part 3 : Anwar Ibrahim bakal boleh dinaikan jadi Perdana Menteri Bangladesh : Kita Jaja Kita

is the song from Altimet, Cuurley and Malik Abdullah , that Muhyiddin Yassin attempted to use, but was ultimately used against him.

UMNO needs to set up a serious economic task force to provide a counter punch to the Prime Minister visiting Turkey because their president called him twice. Citizens of this country who got laid off  by food panda,  tried to call your office to talk to you but got no response.  

ANWAR Ibrahim,. If the Turkish president had called you five times, what would you do then?  Reveal all of Malaysia's state secrets or do bear tricks like a circus bear? Pathetic.

THIS is why UMNO needs to have a serious economic task force if it wants to win rural Malaysia again and the good will of the Chinese community.

THERE is an accute shortage of labour. Therefore UMNO must ensure all these Bangladeshi workers that Anwar Ibrahim wants to bring in and care for , while  Malaysians suffer, must be restricted and confined to the agriculture sector.

IN Anwar Ibrahim's Malaysia, these foreigners are running Helter Skelter controlling the business from Selayang to Kotaraya.  

Mereka tiada masa untuk kita
Cuma kita berjasa untuk kita
Mereka tak tahu rasa hati kita
Sama-sama kita
Kita jaga kita
Kita jaga kita
Siapa lagi kalau bukan kami

UMNO must put a stop to this and have some pride in your party because even before Anwar Ibrahim can unviel the budget for 2023, the whole world knows Malaysia will grow by four per cent because of the spill over effects of Ismail Sabri's policy