Monday 13 February 2023

Part 2 : Anwar Ibrahim bakal boleh dinaikan jadi Perdana Menteri Bangladesh : Kita Jaga Kita.

is the song from Altimet, Cuurley and Malik Abdullah , that Muhyiddin Yassin attempted to use, but was ultimately used against him.

THE fight for Selangor have begun, albeit on Tik Tok, and unsurprisingly, Perikatan Nasional uses an Indian face to start the ball rolling. VIEW : Kata nak Jaga Rakyat, tapi hanya bagi beratusan ringgit, boleh hidup kah Rakyat dengan beratusan ringgit sedangkan semua barang sudah Naik. You bagi lah RM5,000 atau RM10,000.

Mereka tiada masa untuk kitaCuma kita berjasa untuk kitaMereka tak tahu rasa hati kitaSama-sama kita
Kita jaga kitaKita jaga kita
Siapa lagi kalau bukan kami

ABOVE is a snapshot of how commentors have become irritated that in our own land, we are suffering and all Anwar Ibrahim cares about is  how to fatten the wallets the Rohingya and Bangladesis. Perhaps the Prime Minister has his eyes on the Nobel Peace Prize???

ANWAR Ibrahim is the main reason why Pakatan Harapan will lose Selangor, which has a sizeable Bangladeshi presence, as the Malay and Indian communities are curious to know what are the job opportunities and Government incentives being provided for companies to hire locals instead of these foreigners? 

 ABSOLUTELY nothing.  That being the case, it's best for Anwar Ibrahim to try and become the Prime Minister of Rohingya or Bangladesh, as my country needs a Prime Minister, who will only care and want to care about Malaysia and Malaysians.