Friday 10 February 2023

Salahuddin Ayub : BAD

is a Harlem street slang for Good, and it is  the first album by Michael Jackson following the record breaking sales notched by his Thriller album in 1983.

MANY of my readership, which now stands slightly above 10,000 per day (with zero boosting), may have felt that I was mocking Rafizi Ramli.

I was and yet I was not because I know for a fact, that companies such as AppAsia Bhd, which is listed on Bursa Malaysia have the expertise and capabilities of building such an app for the Government.

SO, what has all this , got to do with Salahuddin Ayub, one may rightfully ask. Well, apparently, Salahuddin Ayub is a minister with common sence. READ : On the way: app to find RM5 Menu Rahmah meals.

Your talk is cheap, you're not a man, ah
You're throwin' stones to hide your hands
Well, they say the sky's the limitAnd to me that's really true, ahBut, my friend, you have seen nothin'Just wait 'til I get through

IF, Salahuddin Ayub, can pull this off with a user friendly workable app and lump it to together with a cashless payment gateway, then as I have written before READ : Anwar Ibrahim's clear and present danger have landed.

AND mark my words, Anwar Ibrahim will back down and will be forced to approve the EPF one off withdrawal, as Amanah is more ensync with what the Malay ground wants. 

UMNO, knows this too, and they are not going to allow, Anwar Ibrahim to unilaterally make a decision on the EPF withdrawal.

IF you have doubts about what I have written, then ask any UMNO minister including Zahid Hamidi to endorse Anwar Ibrahim stance?  They will NOT, because they CANNOT.