Sunday 5 February 2023

Rafizi Ramli : Haa Tepok

is a song from Meerfly & Kid Santhe 'which dominated the charts some two years ago. The song showcases yet again Meerfly's unrivalled talent as a writer.

Aku ada bran, aku tara run
Aku ada loud bang macam ada gun
Aku ada rival, aku ada enemy
Dia nak beef aku bagi sekali bun

RAFIZI Ramli gave Malaysia the biggest bun of the year, when all, we wanted was some beef on the appointment of Mohammed Iqbal Johari and Nurul Izzah.

HELLO, Rafizi Ramli can you tell us who is paying for Nurul Izzah's allowances and Mohammed Iqbal Johari salary?

GOVERNMENT money is the people's money lah, and yes some of it could be your father's money , Rafizi Ramli, provided if he had paid his income tax.