Monday 6 February 2023

Anwar Ibrahim, please meet Mr : John Jenin

is a single from XPDC, the biggest Malay rock band in the Malay heartland in the 1990's, bigger than even Wings and Search.

IS Anwar Ibrahim correct when he states READ : PH had 31per cent Malay support in GE15 ? IF Anwar Ibrahim, meant the whole of Malaysia, then I have nothing to say.

Angan mat jenin panjat pokok kelapa
Angan nak kawin dengan puteri rajaPuteri rajaPuteri rajaKelapa di petik kelapa mudaJatuh ke bawah badan putus duaTerputus dua

BUT, if the Prime Minister ment that PH won 31 per cent of the Malay votes in West Malaysia, then he should sit down and have tea, with Mr John Jenin, as between those two they would have a heck of a time.

THE 31 per cent Malay votes for PH if it's only from West Malaysia, then it is pretty strange on two accounts . First preliminary reports had placed PH receiving  only   READ : 11 per cent of the Malay votes in GE15

SECONDLY, if indeed PH had received 31 per cent of the Malay votes in West Malaysia, then what it means is PH had won six per cent more  of the Malay votes in GE15, than the 25 per cent it won with Bersatu by its side in GE14.

OTHER than to Mr John Jenin, it will very difficult to sell these numbers  given by the Finance Minister yesterday.