Wednesday 4 May 2022

Annuar Musa : Gali lubang. Tutup Lubang

is  a song  from  Indonesia's king  of  Dangdut,  the energetic  yet  controversial  Rhoma Irama.

CONTROVERSIAL ?  YES.  Energetic?  Very much debatable,  is how one could  describe the   Annuar Musa of today,  the current communication Minister.

ANNUAR is in a tight spot, but it has nothing to do with the embarrassment caused by being misquoted by the very agency he overseas.. READ Claims to have been misquoted,Annuar Musa now says talk with telco's on going

Gali-gali-gali-gali-gali lobang
Gali-gali-gali-gali-gali lobang
Lobang digali menggali lobang
Untuk menutup lobang
Tertutup sudah lobang yang lama
Lobang baru terbuka
Gali lobang tutup lobang

THE minister is in a tight spot because ,  he fought for the telcos to have a say on how the
Digital Nasional Bhd equity  will be managed. READBig Four telcos seek ‘typical M&A’ process for DNB’s equity stake offer.  (DO  NOTE a typical M&A process can range from  a quarter year to years)

 TODAY,  we can blame BERNAMA,  but 
čome July 1 2022, who shall we blame? the Man in the mirror, perhaps.