Monday 23 May 2022

Abdul Jalil Abdul Rasheed, are you: Tuff Enuff!!

is the sole top ten hit for the Austin, Texas formed Fabulous Thunderbirds,  which also earned the Blues group  a 1987  Grammy  nomination  for Best Vocal by  a duo or group.

TUFF Enuff ? IS Abdul Jalil Abdul Rasheed tuff  enough?  Can  the guy take the heat?  or is  here just a  Twitter Bully ?

Put out a burning building
With a shovel and dirt
And not even worry
About getting hurt
Ain't that tough enough
Ain't that tough enough

ABDUL Jalil Abdul Rasheed mocks UMNO President Zahid Hamidi,  who has a reputation of being a hot headed guy in his younger years. READ : I need Zahid Hamidi to help negotiate my next employment contract. Clearly I’m doing a poor job.

WE may never know if Abdul Jalil Abdul Rasheed is doing a poor job or a  good job,  as  the guy had a reputation of  :  A  Quiter.

FOR a guy who claims he quit as  Permodalan  Nasional Bhd because READ :He could not take the pressure ie hate mails, hacked LinkedIn accounts, although reports suggest that Abdul Jalil had issues with his CV   ,   ABDUL Jalil Abdul Rasheed,  it seems have grown some TWITTER  TESTICLE !!!!