Wednesday 18 May 2022

Securities Commision , Bursa Malaysia & MSWG, betul ke : Jangan Bangunkan Macan Tidor

is a song released sometime in mid 2021, by SLANK,  the biggest Malay singing rock band in  Asia.  If you are wondering why you may have not heard of  Slank,  it could well be because they are from Indonesia.

THE Securities Commision,  Bursa Malaysia  and the Minority Shareholders WatchDog Group are three MACAN ( tiger in English)  that desperately  need to WAKE UP 

Aku resah
Tapi tak coba gelisah
Aku ringkih
Tapi paksa
Otak jernih
Jangan bangunkan macan tidur
Macan jantan yang terluka, terluka

WHAT are the PUBLIC action  taken thus far to aggressively  inform the gullible retail investors that trading  on SERBA DINAMIK Bhd  shares  have taken,  what could well be a SINISTER pattern ?

CONSIDER this :   some 2.15 billion Serba Dinamik shares were traded on  the open market here yesterday.

THIS translates to slightly 57 per cent of the companies share issuance capital.  Obviously,  some big fish is doing a massive roll over,  while big time day traders who enjoy ZERO BROKERAGE are having a FIELD DAY doing intra day trades.

DATA extracted from YAHOO FINANCE  indicates VIEW :  SERBA DiNAMIK shares are now trading at a MASSIVE 4 55 TIMES, its normal self

WHAT this means is the odd man out here,  meaning the retail investor could be in  the process of being set up big time,  for some small time gains now,  in return for huge life taking losses in the future.

HAS the SCBursa Malaysia and MSWG forgotten about IRIS Corp Bhd,  and the devastation it caused the RETAIL INVESTOR ..??