Wednesday 25 May 2022

The Story of DNB will Be Told : Part 25: Jadi Apa Yang Ku Inginkan

is a track from the 2009 debut album ,  (My First Love) of Vierra,  a power pop quartret  who met on FRIENDSTER,  then the world's dominant  social networking site,  formed a band which would gone to sell more than nine million copies of their debut album.

VINCENT Tan Chee Yioun made more than  RM2 billion in profits by merely selling two of his companies. He has been  hailed for his brilliance, though some say, his lack of patience and a quick exit,  has been the tycoons undoing.

THE QUICK EXIT syndrome seems to  have now hit U MOBILE.  VIEW:  U mobile takes down its 5G page, that had stated it is going to roll out 5G,

5G, with Digital Nasional Bhd, and the advantages of first movers movement that comes with 8t is perhaps Vincent Tan's fourth and final shot  being truly great instead of just being very good.

Jadi apa yang ku inginkan
Mengapa oh mengapa dirimu
Penuh dengan rasa bimbang
Tak perlu kau pergi tuk mencari
Mencari arti ..

DESPITE his success and  wealth,  Vincen Tan, could have been much more and can be much more .....

Back in 2010,  there were two English clubs for sale, namely Leicester City and Cardiff City  and Vincent Tan who in 1999 his stake in Digi , only to see the company  thrive READ : By 2014, Digi was ranked among the top 100 most innovative companies in the world.

AT about the same time,  back in 2010 Vincent Tan , had abandoned  plans to list FRIENDSTER ,  and instead sold it to Facebook,  who would then go on to break all records and go on to be today the 8th most valuable company on earth with a capitalisation of more than  US$500 billion.

NOTHING MUCH TO WRITE HERE.  FACTS speak for themselves