Friday 27 May 2022

Malaysia in 48 hours : Sensei PERLU Terapi!

is a  song  from French  born Sabahan Bennye Francis  or better known as Benzooloo  is now having a  second l lease of  life,  following its  re release  on April  this year, of the single  first released in 2015 with fellow hip hopper  High Rule.

HOW appropriate , since  the SENSEI's ,  we elected to Parliment, look like they  are in  dire need of  therapy,   going by what has taken place over the last 48  hours.

HERE in Malaysia ,  many of us are struggling to make ends meet.  The last thing  we want to see is our top men flashing his richness. READ ; Netizens pan PM for wearing RM5,500 designer shirt      

OR his minnion,  Noh  Omar,  officiating of all thing READ  : officiating a 30 year old library which is now named after him

At the end of the day
Bukankah kau juga yang untung?
Sebap badan masi kering
Aku habis basah kuyup
Hujung kulit jari mengecut
Macam kurma yusuf taiyoob

IT WOULD not matter if  the country was running like a well oiled machine,  instead we have  two funds,   in  which Ismail Sabri is the chair voting In opposite directions .
READ : Permodalan Nasional Bhd alongside the EPF , voted against the Khazanah Nasional backed Axiata proposal

THIS typre  corporate wiggling merely exemplifies  the dysfunctional situation Malaysia in  at  the moment.

ISMAIL Sabri is far from  perfect ,  but he is a good man and a  decent  Prime Minister, therefore he should not forget what happened  to the previous two Prime Minister's from UMNO  that got smitten  with  Khairy  Jamaluddin.

ONE guy who doesn't look like he needs therapy,  but need to brush up on social networking skills instead of trying to take a page off  Najib Razak's Facebook persona is Tengku Zafrul,.

EXCELLENT  job in doing the decent,  correct and ethical thing .  READ  :.  Finance Ministry to the rescue, axe initial tender winner and demands a fresh tender for the supply of computers for students

ONE suspects   the funky people at the communication ministey,  especially  Annuar Musa's  equally trustworthy deputy Zahidi Zainul will think hard and move than twice to slam dunk our Finance Minister.