Monday 30 May 2022

Dial V for Victory or V for Vanquished. Axiata Group's Kalimullah Dilemma : Don't Marry Her, F Me ...

is from Beautiful South's smash hit of an  album ,  the 1996,  Blue is the Colour which spawned four major hits for the English,  and  in process helping the album sales  hit the platinum level 5 times.

BLUE is the corporate colour of  CELCOM. Blue is also the colour sadness, suspicion and unreliability that can dampen the spirits.

 But Blue is also the colour of surprise.  All things being equal,  Celcom's parent, Axiata is in one big BLUE mess.

THE UNTOLD story,  will eventually be told,  much latter than today,  though  I am dissapointed that the likes of the Edge  couldn't crack it.

ON March 2021,  Digital Nasional Bhd was formed,  and shockingly,  a planned merger which had failed before is back in the highlife again . READ : On April Fool's Day 2021, Axiata and Celcom announced RM15 billion merger plan, after having failed in 2019 to merge.

AZMI & Associates,  a  legal firm which specializes in merger and acquisition,   correctly opined in 2019,  that a  merger the size of Digi and Celcom based on past telco,  results in consumers having TO PAY MORE.   

BUT,  the Finance Minister Tengku Zafrul  had promised that we will PAY LESS with Digital Nasional Bhd,  READWith Digital Nasional Bhd, We all will be Mr PAY LESS  , while historically its  been proven that such a merger we will end up PAYING MORE.

IT is  because ,  both  were looking at two different world.  In Zafrul's  world  Digital Nasional Bhd will  live a long and happy life

IN  the other world,  the merger was to be the ace in the pack that will lead to the demise of the one month old Digital Nasional Bhd .

CONSIDER this . Under the Digital  Nasional Plan  all the telcos  become  Mobile Virtual Network Providers,  from mobile network providers,  meaning they no longer own assets. 

 The assets they currently own,  will  either become worthless,  redundant or faced with huge  depreciation the moment 5G is  officially saleable  on a  commercial  SCALE here.

Think of you with pipe and slippers,
think of her in bed.
Laying there just watching telly,
then think of me instead.
I'll never grow so old and flabby,
that could never be.
Don't marry her, F me

UNWITTINGLY and UNKNOWN  to themselves  the suit brought by Kalimullah Hassan and his Tune Talk  friends exposes a trail, a provable trail that something sinister  triggered the second coming  of the Digi Celcom merger , that was NEVER meant to be.