Monday 23 May 2022

Wee Ka Siong ; Bawa dia Jauh Jauh, Sudah Jangan Balik Balik

is a deut between Anggel and  Ferbrian Sapulete, which  was a massive hit in late 2020,  with the follow through remix version  providing the song a fresh booster  to dominate early 2021.

BAWA DE JAUH JAUH, SUDAH JANGAN BALE BALE, is what many would want to see,  when it comes to Wee Ka Siong as Transport Minister.

Diamkan semua
Tak mungkin sa kan mampu
Lewati semua
Sio sa membisu
Mana janji itu yang dulu
Sio manis memang
Ko pu janji palsu
Bawa de jauh sudah
Jangan balik balik
Mo bagaimana lagi
Kalau su tapele

WEE Ka Siong is extremely  unpopular among the masses here is because he is seen as a friend of big businesses as well as having competency issues.

AND indeed these big businesses  are stepping on the heads, of we the little people under Wee Ka Siong's watch. READ : Wee Ka Siong justifies increase in fares, states E-hailing operators can set their own fares.

INDEED , the rakyat has a fixed perception  that Wee Ka Siong incompetently didn't do much to styme a similar hike  in  airfares until he was SHAMED into action. 

RARELY,  in Malaysia will a fellow minister publicly  demand his collegue to get his act together,   WEE KA SIONG IS AN EXCEPTIONAL CASE.

EVEN, those outside of Malaysia,  it seems are not happy with the priorities of Wee Ka Siong,  with the latest being READ ;  Indonesia, with its consular openly stating Malaysia’s cabotage policy hindering trade.

PREVIOUSLY ,  some of  the world's biggest Billion dollar capitalised companies  such as Google, Amazon and Facebook have READ : written to meet Prime Minister Ismail Sabri on changes made by Wee Ka Siong to the national cabotage policy.