Saturday 28 May 2022

Mysejahtera in the MIX : Is The Partyman's ICE Cold Enough To Freeze The BALLS of a : Brass Monkey?

is a track taken  from rap's  biggest selling group the Beastie Boys , who tuned the music business upside down,  when  thier   debut album Licensed to ill ,  became the first hip hop album to top the  US charts. 

The girl she gave me lip
It did begin, the stuff wore in and now she's on my tip
Brass Monkey
That funky Monkey
Brass Monkey junkie
That funky Monkey brass
Step up to the bar and put the girl down

COLD enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey is slang phrase that idescribes an impossibility.  Such is the task of  Khairy Jamaluddin , who prides himself as an UMNO partyman.  READ :MySejahtera to be reactivated for monkeypox - Khairy

WE,  Malaysians  are no donkeys. CONSIDER  this  , the Asia  continent covers 29.4 per cent of the Earth's land area , with a population of  4.69 billion , accounting for almost 60 pet cent  of the world population .

YET,  the continent has zero cases but Khairy Jamaluddin is delirious in pushing MySejahtera  to action. 

WHAT type of  a party man is this? ,  as his actions increasing looks like a huge liability  to UMNO,  when one  consider the following .

WHEN Khairy Jamaluddin was minister  of science technology and innovation ,  he had specifically mentioned MIMOS ,  an entity under the said ministry.  READ Khairy Jamaluddin laudes MIMOS’ capabilities in developing digital solutions for NATIONAL HEALTHCARE

CONVENIENTLYREAD : MIMOS chairman Sharil Shamsuddin is now part of the ownership of the new entity that controls MySejahtera

KHAIRY jamaluddin  as we know is  big fan of  MySejahtera  to the extent that he has dismissed  fellow member of parliment's demands that any deal involving MySejahtera  to be put on hold  until  further investigation  . READ :  Find MySejahtera alternatives, move away from MySJ deal

SUCH a RECALTRIANT action works against UMNO, who we all recall lost the general election  because of  the stain of  corruption.  READ :  Khairy: Umno got 'drunk on Kool-Aid' and lost GE14