Tuesday 17 May 2022

The Minority Shareholders WatchDog Group is just a fancy term for a : NEW AGE GIRL

is a song by alternative rock trio Deadeye Dick, from their debut album A Different Story. The song was also the lead soundtrack to the 1994 film Dumb and Dumber.

THE minority shareholders watch dog group should stop behaving like a NEW AGE GIRL filled with Inconsistencies. 

Mary Moon... she's a vegetarian 
Mary Moon... will outlive all the septuagenarians 
Oh, she loves me so
She hates to be alone
She don't eat meat
But she sure like the bone
Mary Moon will you hesitate
Don't segregate your thought from your emotion

ON,  first impression, the minority shareholders watchdog group looks like a noble house  with its, principled tqke on Serba Dinamik  READ :MSWG urges for transparency in Serba Dinamik resolution

UNTIL you find out,  there are the same bunch who OPPOSED, the Employees Provident Fund's plan not to re elect i Shahril Shamsuddin as a director in  Sapura Energy