Saturday 7 May 2022

Noor Hisham Abdullah : Super Model

is  the highest charting song for  drag  queen Ru Paul,  which was released in  1993,   from his debut album  The World Of  Super Model.  The song  peaked at number two on  the US  Dance Chart .

NOOR Hisham Abdullah,  should focus on  his  job as director general of  health,  a job that does not require one to be the mouth piece of  My Sejathera. 

Work supermodel
Work it girl
Of the world
Wet your lips
And smile to the camera
Work turn to the left
Work now turn to the right
Work chass, chantey

NOOR Hisham Abdullahshould  be aware that the PAC setup in Parliament,   had advised the Ministry not to jump  the gun.   

PERHAPS,   Noor Hisham Abdullah,  should quit his job and  join Perikatan Nasional and stand for election,  because  the civil service role is  to serve the people and not serve some hidden  agenda.

THE once popular civil servant,  has seen his  standing with the public sliding in  recent months and with the READ : Systematic bullying in Govt Hospitals??? the guy has serious  credibility and competence issues to ADRESS