Sunday 15 May 2022

Serba Dinamik Bhd : W T F ?

2019 a dance track with more than 77 million streams on Sportify .  The single is a collaboration between Hugel,  a  French disc  jockey, and  Britain's Amber Van Day.

WTF,  indeed as new kid in town,  MUDA  attempts to school   READ : the Attorney General's on his wisdom in allowing the Serba Dinamik case end with a fine.

What you know about karma
Oh I heard she ain't so sweet (yeah so sweet)
Get your self out of the club
If you can't take the heat
'Cause I know in the morning
You'll be wakin' up all alone
Posing all over your story
With nothing to hold but your phone

MUDA had raised a couple of questions,   which in my opinion makes the party look like A  MUD brain.

MUDA @ A puddle of MUD, do you really believe that whatever happened in Serba Dinamik Bhd happened just in a year or two? READ : SERBA Dinamik's Gross Margin Un Changed at 18 per cent from 2017 up to 2020.

SO,  dear MUDA,  who do you think thought  Serba  Dinamik this dark art  and  what was KPMG  sniffing or smoking from 2017 up to 2019. By the way  booking revenue or profit before it is I realised is not a crime,  so why is it made up to be one now?

A COURT case,  could tank the Malaysian stock market, raise questions in  Sarawak itself  on why Serba Dinamik's resistance  and rejection to acquire Brooklands Dockyard,  suddenly saw the company under seige.

MUDA, there were good and bad times during Tun Mahathir,  Abdullah Badawi, and Najib's  time as Prime Minister,  yet at no time was  KAYANGAN a term commonly used and understood by the man in the street.

HOW come these days KAYANGAN had become a daily used word.   MUDA, redeem your self by asking the Attorney  General  READ :  Dear Sir, What are you doing about this :Tommy Thomas says he reduced Vincent Tan’s son’s drug charges, no bribe involved