Friday 6 May 2022

Mysejahtera in the MIX : JanJi MaNi$

topped the charts in Indonesia on December 2021,  a rarity for a Malaysian pop/rock  band in  recent years,  especially for one which is not on the A list on the home turf.

TALKING  about RARITY,  first and  foremost do nor get swayed by the Malaysian Medical  Association  that MySejahtera  could  READ Be maintained to store patient records..

WHY should we give KPI Software or any of its off shoot,  such an  honour,  when they are merely a subsidiary  of a  Singapore entity?  READ : KPI SOFT Listing Application In the USA, indicates that the Malaysian Unit is just a subsidiary

CAN the Malaysia Medical Association explain,  especially since we have a true local company with proven App capability.   READ : SELangkah Covid-19 App Wins Singapore AI Award For Health Tech.

Mulut manis macam gula
Gunung tinggi sanggup didaki
Lautan api sanggup renangi
Tapi bila dah kenal lama
Baru terlihat perangai sebenar

Habis madu sepah dibuang
Janji manis tinggal kenangan

ALSO,  never reward stupidity, especially since there are many intelligent people who brilliantly mislead us,  because they think we are stupid. 

ATTENTION please PUTRAJAYA,  check out  the definition  READ : of a parent company  versus that of READ : A Subsidiary company.