Thursday, 2 February 2023

Menu Rahmah : Makan Cili

is from MeerFly, who perhaps is the most underrated Malay hip hopper of all time. The guy might be overweight but his talent unrivalled.

I personally went to five Mamak restaurant, where the owners are on friendly terms with me.  But none of them say that they have any sort of Rahmah Menu, where food is sold at RM5 or under.

Siapa makan cili dialah rasa pedas
Ku bukan sesiapa ku cuma buat lagu
Apa kupendam dalam lagu aku lepas
Sungai yang tenang jangan disangka tiada buaya
Jangan main api kalau tak mahu terbakar
Si pendiam membaham bila tiba masanya
Ramai main api tunggu masa kena bakar

PERHAPS I am wrong and Salahuddin Ayub is correct but then I watched the news and  the verdict  was VIEW : Difficult to serve food at RM5 say traders.

SALAHUDDIN Ayub , why don't you sit down with the newly appointed J Komm Director General tonight and come up with a list for each states, where this RM5 food is being served. 

CAN you do that please, Salahuddin, and while you are at it, can you please tell J Komm to stop funding Tik Tok clips that have rich looking people eating from the RM5 Rahmah Menu, while we poor people cannot find where this 15,000 Rahmah friendly eateries are.  Bolehkan????