Sunday, 5 February 2023

Zakir Naik : Rebel Yell

is the massive hit from one of my favourite singer, the punk rocker named Billy Idol. The song first charted in the UK at number 46, in 1983 only to peak at number 6 in1985.

FIRST of all, I have watched videos of Zakir Naik on You Tube and never found them to be offensive, just a sane man giving his side of the story. But then again those clips on You Tube, are perhaps not the only clips he has been making. The answer to that, is I honestly do not know.

WHEN , Anwar Ibrahim recently visited Singapore, the assessment was READ : Anwar Ibrahim must have said the right things to Singapore.

I'd sell my soul for you, babe
What's money to burn for you, for you
I'd give you all, and have none, babe
Justa, justa have you here by me
In the midnight hour she cried more, more, more
With a rebel yell she cried more, more, more, yow!

THIS much i am sure, the Singapore leadership will be looking at Malaysia, and will be asking this question : Have Malaysia done the right things in our book?

WHY is that so, you may ask? Well because an 18 year old was held under ISA in Singapore on December 2022, but details were only disclosed last week.  READ : 18-year-old ISIS terrorist Md Irfan was radicalised by Zakir Naik videos, was planning to carry out three deadly attacks in Singapore.